Sinking a Silver Bowl

Brian's work has focused on the plasticity of Metal. Here we are concerned with non ferrous metals, and in particular Gold, Silver, Copper, and Brass. The Smith, traditionally worked with a hammer, exploiting the fact that metal is meallable, and can be stretched and compressed. Hence we have the terms Goldsmith, Silversmith, Coppersmith. In antiquity, in the middle ages, and up to more recent times, Goldsmiths hammered sheets of gold. These were the true goldsmiths. Unfortunately, due to it's very high cost, smiths do not get the opportunity to work in sheet gold, so the term goldsmith now has a broader meaning. Silver, though not as expensive as Gold, is also expensive, and this has also broadened out the meaning of the word Silversmith. We are not concerned with Blacksmithing here, as there is a fundamental difference between the Blacksmith and the other Smiths in the fact that the Blacksmith works with his metal red hot, while the other Smiths work with the metal when it is cold. From here you can go to various pages relating to the different categories of work in which Brian is involved.
After much research and experimentation, Brian discovered how the Gold Ribbon Torcs were made in antiquity
and Brian has written a BOOK and made a DVD about the making of a magnificent 20ct gold Ribbon Torc by the ancient methods.


Ribbon Torc

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The following pages show items designed and made by Brian, in various categories.

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